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   Jerome L. Hauck had a concern for the welfare of horsemen not only while they were actively employed in the industry but in their retirement as well. 
   Hauck was instrumental in the organization and founding of HHI. Working with representatives from other horsemen's organizations, Hauck incorporated HHI in 1964. In 1968 he became HHI's second president and served in that capacity for 12 years. During his tenure as a delegate and officer to HHI, Jerry worked to assure the rights of horsemen and to assure that the industry looked after their well-being. 
​   Hauck was the original Trustee of the International Harness Racing Group Insurance Trust Fund, a medical welfare fund which, since its creation in 1969 has paid more than $10 million in benefits on behalf of grooms, second trainers, trainers, drivers and their families. His concern for his fellow horsemen also led to the development of the first pension plan in the harness industry, implemented in 1967. 
   Born in Buffalo, NY in 1917, Hauck became a horse owner in 1948 and operated a successful stable with his brother Ed for many years.  Hauck worked for the betterment of the USTA, the National Association of State Racing Commissioners, and the American Horse Council, for which he served as HHI's representative to the Racing Advisory Committe. He was also involved with the growth of Off-Track Betting and Simulcasting in New York. When he died on Oct. 5, 1998, Hauck was the Western NY HHA President, a position he had held since forming the 1,200 member group in 1957. 

  Jerome L. Hauck Scholarship Past Winners
  2022  Jonas Scott                     Maryland
  2021  Meadow Twaddle            Pennsylvania
  2020  Mia Davis                         Delaware
  2019  Shane Angle                    Pennsylvania
  2018  Parker Steck                    Ohio
  2017  Samantha Stafford          Delaware
  2016  Casey Hite                        Pennsylvania
  2015  Kyle Budach                    Minnesota
  2014  Alexander Scurto             Illinois
  2013  Shannon Teed                  Pennsylvania
  2012  Jessica Blankenship       Ohio
  2011  Braden Watson                Illinois
  2010  Mariah Wright                  Michigan
  2009  Chelsea Fahy                   Pennsylvania
  2008  Lisa Martin                       Pennsylvania
  2007  Carrie Putnam                  Michigan
  2006  Gregory Clendining         New Jersey
  2005  Ryan O'Mara                     Florida
  2004  Jessica Vorbeck               Kentucky
  2003  Colleen O'Toole                Canada
  2002  Adele Mauck                     Pennsylvania
  2001  Rachel Yohn                     Wisconsin
  2000  Sheena Vorbeck               Kentucky
  1999  Mario Marcellino               New York
  1998  Christopher Magee           Illinois
  1997  Meghan Cauzillo               Michigan
  1996  Terry Nassivera                 New York
  1995  Mildred McDonald             Maine
  1994  Anthony Hogan                 Florida
  1993  Winnie Morgan                   Ohio
  1992  Julie Ann Dellinger            Illinois
  1991  Gail Curran                         Illinois
  1990  Mark Dolbee                       Illinois
  1989  Dana Wishengrad              New Jersey
  1988  Ginger Reynolds                Illinois
  1987  Brad Lemon
  1986  Kim Cameron
Harness Horsemen International annually awards a $4,000 scholarship in honor of HHI founding member Jerome L. Hauck.

The deadline for the 2024 Scholarship is May 1, 2024.  To download an application, 
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Jonas Scott
2022 Hauck Scholarship Winner