Harness Horsemen International
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HHI's Mission
The Mission of Harness Horsemen International is to:

1~Provide advice, consultation, and support to member associations whenever and wherever requested.

2~Promote public awareness of HHI and its member associations.

3~Provide knowledgeable and professional representation for harness horsemen and women to government bodies and industry gatherings on an international scale.

4~Provide value added services to member associations in such areas as:
    a~The development of a multifaceted Insurance Acquisition Program, providing significant cost savings
    to member organizations.
    b~Negotiation of international volume purchase agreements with vendors to facilitate member
    association’s procurement of goods and services at significant discounts.

5~Strive to promote and uphold the highest standards of integrity in the industry.

6~Continue to acquire and build the necessary expertise to enable HHI to be recognized as a major force in the harness racing industry.